The ‘five big boxes’ to check when choosing songs

Here’s some great advice from Jamie Brown on how to select congregational worship songs for your church’s repertoire: Biblical faithfulness, theological correctness, gospel centeredness, musical richness, and congregational accessibility are the five big boxes you should be able to check. If a new song is really popular but doesn’t check all five of those boxes, then maybe you shouldn’t use it. There’s other good points there too, […]

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Church ‘core rep’

Church ‘core rep’

In opera, there are number of works which are considered ‘core’ repertoire, which are the mainstay of any opera house – pieces that most of the audience is familiar with, and which a theatre can put on fairly smoothly. As singers, we also talk about our core repertoire- those roles which are the ‘bread & butter’ of our careers, which we’ve learnt and will pull […]

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