Tube sticker art

While I don’t condone graffiti, I did find these stickers rather clever:

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Trolling my photo archives

I’ve been doing a little maintenance on my photo archives, and was reminded of some of my earlier photos, from around  5 years ago when I first started to get into photography as a hobby more seriously:  

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Il Viaggio a Norimberga

I spent the last week in Tuscany with the Hochschule für Musik Nürnberg, for a performance of Le nozze di Figaro in the Teatro Poliziano in Montepulciano.  It was a great week, in a beautiful part of the world, with great food (Bistecca alla Fiorentina at Osteria Aquachetta!). I particularly enjoyed the tour of Siena. I have several hundred photographs to edit! Once I’ve done […]

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Review: Map Addict, by Mike Parker

Here’s the review I left on Amazon: Map Addict: A tale of obsession, fudge and the Ordinance Survey by Mike Parker Paperback edition, published by Collins 2010   I was lent this book by colleague, and although I forget the discussion that prompted it, she could obviously tell that I had some aspect of map addict about me. While I don’t collect maps, I did […]

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Europe vs Australia

To help some of my European friends grasp the size of my home country, I give you this: (via Derek Welton)

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Making fun of Airport Security

There’s a bit of a stink about the new, more invasive security approach in American airports at the moment, from the full-body ‘naked’ scanner to literally full-body pat-down searches. If you happen to be flying in the US today, you might wish to take part in National Opt-Out day, which appears to be a means of highlighting the way air travellers are assumed guilty until […]

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Just to make you jealous… Even though I’m wearing a scarf here, it was really warm during the day, I had my cardigan sleeves pushed up! We head back across the chanel this evening.

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