Advent: Angels from the Realms of Glory (HT @ZacHicks )

It’s the first Sunday in Advent, which means Christmas is not too far away (and the  Weihnachtsmarkt and it’s delicacies is here!). Anyway, seems like a good time to highlight a rocking new arrangement of the old carol “Angels from the realms of glory” from Zac Hicks. I’ve been powering away to it at the gym lately, and one thing that I love is how it couples […]

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Getting things done (despite imperfections)

I’m very good a putting things off, especially hard things. (Just ask my wife when it comes time to pack!) Not only do I tend to procrastinate, but I often seem to think it’s necessary for everything to be perfect in order to get a job done (though once I’ve started, I tend to revert to good-enough-ism). Need to translate a score? I couldn’t possibly […]

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Russell Moore on Pat Robertson

This is one of the most powerful articles I’ve read in a long time. Do read the whole, moving, thing. Christ, the Church and Pat Robertson:   Pat Robertson’s cruel marriage statement is no anomaly. He and his cohorts have given us for years a prosperity gospel with more in common with an Asherah pole than a cross. They have given us a politicized Christianity […]

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Veggies Tales take on the big picture of the bible

This looks really interesting: The creator of Veggie Tales is starting a new project aimed at teaching kids the meta-narrative of the bible. He looked back and realized that while his immensely entertaining VeggieTales characters delighted kids and sold by the millions, they only taught children how to behave Christianly—they didn’t teach them Christianity. … So for his next venture Vischer set out to unpack […]

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Must I learn to interpret the Bible?

I came across D.A. Carson’s excellent essay on biblical hermeneutics some years ago, then the link stopped working, but it seems someone’s put it back up. This is arguably the best primer on approaching biblical texts that I’ve come across (though that’s a fairly limited sample). Carson writes for the layperson, and highlights a dozen principles for biblical interpretation: As conscientiously as possible, seek the […]

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A social media hymn

This is great – a hymn by Gareth Hill that picks up social media ‘themes’ and sees them in the light of the gospel: Jesus, hope of saints and sinners, yours the name we’re called to share. Hillside teacher, story-weaver and the heartbeat of our prayer. You invite us all to join you at the Father’s Kingdom call: so the friends of heaven gather to […]

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Why we love men in capes

I’ve often enjoyed Mark Meynell’s book reviews and suggestions (the breadth and veracity of his reading is rather astounding) and appreciate his helpful ‘questions to ask of…‘ guides (all found at his blog Quarentia). He has a particular interest in exploring culture, and I think exemplifies a healthy approach to it. So, it was with great interest that I downloaded his latest offering Why we […]

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The Holiness of God – Chapter 7

Chapter 7: War & Peace with a holy God   In one of the shorter chapters in the book, Sproul looks at some of the accounts of those who ‘wrestled’ with God, in particular, Jacob. Following the wrestling match he had, his name was changed to ‘Israel’ means “one who struggles with God”. He shows that no one who wrestles with God wins. Jacob wrestled […]

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ESL & congregational songs

I’m a big fan of theologically and textually rich congregational songs (otherwise known as ‘praise and worship’ – a term I find misleadingly limiting), and we regularly sing great songs from people like Stuart Townend and Keith Getty* and Sovereign Grace Music, and while I would encourage congregations to sing such meaty and rich songs, I’ve been wondering about how this might work in a church like […]

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Maggi Dawn on the Ascension and Language

Some interesting words from Maggi Dawn: I know the Archbishop of Canterbury gets vilified for talking about poetic language, because those who can’t be bothered to study language think he’s making excuses. But if you actually take the time to read up on it, it makes perfect sense that when there are things we know instinctively but are unable fully to articulate, we do use […]

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The bible is not about you

Great video illustrating Tim Killer’s words (via A Faith to Live By): True & Better from Peter Artemenko on Vimeo. Jesus is the true and better Adam who passed the test in the garden and whose obedience is imputed to us. Jesus is the true and better Abel who, though innocently slain, has blood now that cries out, not for our condemnation, but for acquittal. […]

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The Holiness of God – Chapter 6

To see the introduction and chapter list click here. Holy Justice I found this chapter to be one of the most ambitious and hard-hitting yet. In this chapter Sproul meets head-on the apparent brutality of God’s judgement found in the Old Testament, something many people struggle with and stumble over. I want to stare the Old Testament God right in the eye. I want to […]

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