Links worth reading #4

I ended my Facebook fast just in time to cop the fallout of Aussie Prime Minster KRudd’s appearance on QandA. It’s worth reading David Ould’s response to the PM’s understanding of the central message of the New Testament. How would you answer the question, What is the fundamental principle of the New Testament? For Rudd it’s about how we treat one another which he reduces […]

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NT Wright and the answer of the cross

Back when I lived in Toowoomba I happened to do an eschatology unit in a correspondence course, and reading Tom Wright on the physicality of the new creation was one of those really helpful ‘aha!’ moments in my own theological thinking. In fact, I’ve now lost count of the the number of times I’ve handed out the link to this interview in Time magazine. I […]

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Intro to the Bible (study #1) – The Book of Books

I’m going to steal borrow Nathan’s idea of blogging as a learning style, and blog the chapter summaries as I make my way through the PTC course I’m doing. Study 1: The Book of Books What is the Bible? 66 Books (39 OT / 27 NT) Variety of genres including: law, poetry, narrative, parables, ritual instruction, songs, sermons, prophecies, wisdom, letters, genealogies, apocalyptic 1600 years: […]

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In case I didn’t have enough to learn…

Look what arrived today:     I’m starting with one module in the PTC.

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Submitting to one another – church membership

I was probably put on the members roll of my childhood church after I was baptised, but the only other church I became a member was the one I went to during university. I’m speaking as a baptist though, as I understand that Anglicans hold a less official view of congregational membership, and I was probably considered a member of those Anglican churches I’ve been […]

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New Song (draft): “He is exalted”

UPDATE 14/04/2012: A more recent version of this song has been posted here. — After my recent recording session I’ve been inspired to get back into some songwriting, as it’s been a while! Simone R put up a draft of some lyrics she’s working on, and so I figured I’d steal think about her ‘brief’ of the incarnation as a starting point. I used the beginning of Philippians 2 as a basis: […]

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Scripture as Performance

I’m very pleased to have my first guest posts over at my blog A Borrowed Flame. Alastair Roberts has written a double-header exploring the idea of scripture as performance:  Before the invention of the steam-powered printing press, and also before Gutenberg and earlier book technologies, the Scriptures and engagement with them necessarily took a very different form. For the vast majority of Christians, the Scriptures […]

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The ‘problem’ of the four gospels

Gregory Thornbury writes about the apparent ‘problem’ of the four Gospel accounts: Whenever someone raises a question about the truthfulness of the Bible, ask yourself first whether or not the same question would bother any other scholar about any other figure in history. How many biographies are there of George Washington, for example? Is this in itself a concern about the historicity of the life […]

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When Christians Disagree – Great series from Hugh Palmer

This three-part series from Hugh Palmer entitled When Christians Disagree is just great, and should be mandatory listening. Don’t argue, just listen to it. Hugh looks at the different kinds of disagreements Christians can have – the differing levels of importance and impact, and how we should treat and respond to these differences. He also takes a current issue, particularly in the Anglican church (hint: […]

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Review: Real Marriage – Mark & Grace Driscoll

Real Marriage  The Truth About Sex, Friendship, and Life Together By Mark & Grace Driscoll Kindle Edition, Published by Thomas Nelson   Mark Driscoll needs little introduction. One of the most well-known pastors in America, the bad boy of ‘New Calvinism’, he is certainly a polarising figure in contemporary evangelicalism, and so it was not without some interest and a little trepidation that I approached […]

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Review: The Christian Zombie Killers Handbook – Jeff Kinley

The Christian Zombie Killers Handbook: Slaying the living dead within. by Jeff Kinley Thomas Nelson 2011, Kindle edition  I suppose it says a lot about this book that I requested it to review around Halloween (and when I was just getting into the TV series The Walking Dead) but have only just managed to finish reading it. The book alternates chapters between a zombie story and non-fiction […]

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Calvinism vs Arminianism and the need for context

It’s been a number of years since I got into heated (read: nasty) debates about Calvinism vs Arminianism, and indeed, I’m not proud of some of things I typed in those days, and for the prideful, hurtful things that I said. Thankfully, Vicky Beeching’s recent foray into the issue has been calm and considerate, and so I have, for the first time in a while […]

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