Why I’m returning to a paper diary

For a few years I used a very nice black Moleskine diary, the kind with a week to a page, and lined page for notes on the other side – a week to a page is enough when you have only two or three appointments each day (i.e. rehearsals). However, when I finally joined the smartphone bandwagon almost 18 months ago, I decided to give […]

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(Free) online video, audio, notation and image editing apps

I’m just a little amazed at these web apps. Qarentia pointed recently to a list of 100 top web apps, and these are the ones that most interest me. It used to be that one had to pay lots of money or at the very least, download, programmes that did what these appear to do. I haven’t checked them out fully yet (this post is […]

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Germany is doomed

No, I’m not talking about the euro-zone crises, but that old classic computer game. Apparently, for the past 17 years the FPS game, Doom, was only allowed to be sold in Adult stores here in Germany, but the  Federal Department for Media Harmful to Young Persons (it’s one word in German) has finally allowed it to be sold to teens, albeit, those over 16. The BBC […]

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Twitter, Facebook and Me, Myself and I.

What is a tenor’s favourite warm-up? A five note scale of me-me-me-me-me. I spotted this while on my blogging break, and so queued it up: a pith observation from Mike Stuchbery: What we never realised when we took up Twitter, Facebook and other social media streams is that instead of making connections between each other, the technology enabled us to create a bigger and better […]

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How to avoid writing stupid comments on the internet

One of the problems with the internet is the lack of normal social inhibitions that help us moderate our own behaviour and language. I’m sure we’ve all seen people write the most outrageous things that they would almost certainly not say in ‘real’ life. There is also the kind of urgency that online dispute can engender. I came across this comment over at The Friendly […]

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Funny ad for ENO’s new opera about the internet

The new opera by Nico Muhly is called Two Boys, and based on a true story (starring my mate Nicy Spence).

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Can you hear the difference? From demo to master

This is a pretty interesting post demonstrating the evolution of a song from a demo to a mastered recording. You can hear the examples of the song’s progress:  

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CT interviews TC on technology and faith

CT has an interview with Tim Challies, blogger and author of The Next Story, all of which are well worth reading. When technologies give us an ability, they also give us a desire. Before Twitter or Facebook, none of us cared about moment-by-moment updates from friends. But with the new tools, we’ve grown to desire—and sometimes even demand—that sort of information. YouTube heightens and preys […]

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Review: The Next Story by Tim Challies

The Next Story: Life and Faith after the Digital Explosion by Tim Challies 2011, Zondervan, Kindle Edition Are you concerned that you are becoming a slave to technology? Do you worry that you check your email / twitter / facebook too often? Do you feel that your mobile phone is often too intrusive? Are you lost without it? Are you interested in how to best utilise technology […]

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