Blown away

One of the things I love about group studies is when someone asks questions or makes observations that I’d not think of or otherwise miss, which is exactly what my friend ‘B’ did yesterday in our small group’s first study in the book of Acts. ‘B’ is an Iranian refugee, and his story is incredible, although you would never guess it to look at him, […]

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Hoisting Hume

This is rather a good little review of Craig Keener’s new book on Miracles (which I got for Christmas, but have not yet had the time or fortitude to get into – it’s in two big volumes!). Michael J. Kruger points to the circularity of Hume’s argument: Keener devotes a substantial portion of the book refuting Hume’s well known argument against the possibility of miracles.  The problem, […]

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Impossible Church

A number of the comments on Rachel Held Evan’s latest posts about leaving and returning to the Church were a little disheartening, and have certainly got me thinking about all sorts of things. I both empathise and react to a good number of them. I suppose that’s a good thing. The church is often a messy community. It’s the imperfect bride being made pure by […]

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Hymn retune: O 4 1k tongues

I know there’s already a few retunes of this hymn out there, never-the-less, here’s mine: Oh for a thousands tongues to sing by therealfindo Lead sheet still to come.

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Jesus on Unity & the World

It was interesting to look at John 17 in our small group last night, having been vaguely following some of the discussion surrounding ++ Rowan Williams and his successor-to-be. My interest in that debate is not vested, though I have many friends within Anglicanism (we’ve been a part of two Anglican churches in the past). There is a big question of unity within the communion, […]

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God is faithful

Why am I so amazed when God goes before us? One of the things we were worried about in our move here, was that there is was no English  church in town, at least, that we could find on google. But God is faithful. We found, and have been attending for the past few months, a church with simultaneous English translation, and a wonderful English-speaking small […]

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Faith Fighting

Having been challenged by the numerous calls to avoid quarrels and pointless controversy in 1 Timothy, it was interesting to read this interview with Philip Jensen, particularly where he says: as a young man I enjoyed a fight too much. I grew up in a family of brothers. We fought a lot, and I grew up through debating and arguing, and I liked a good argument. A very kind […]

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Are you a Hipster Christian?

A reliable method for finding the best coffee in an unfamiliar town is to follow some hipsters. Anyhow here’s a quiz to see if you are a Christian Hipster -I got 72/120. Looks like an interesting book too.

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Andrew Peterson on perfection

Andrew Peterson writes a wonderful testimony of grace in reflecting on his time touring with Steven Curtis Chapman: It’s the great, confounding reversal of the Gospel of Jesus. If the word we preach is one of attainable perfection, of law, of justification by works, then when we fail, our testimony fails with it. But if we preach our deep brokenness and Christ’s deeper healing, if […]

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Heathen’s Progress: Julian Baggini on Atheism & Nihilism

I just finished writing a post over at A Borrowed Flame about John Bunyan’s Pilgrim’s Progress, so it’s apt that I write here about Julian Baggini’s refreshlingly honest piece about contemporary Atheism in the Guardian which is part of his series entitled “Heathen’s Progress”: Atheists have seemed rather keen in recent years to stress their jolly side. As well as the whole “brights” movement, there’s the “happy human” […]

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New Song (draft): “He is exalted”

UPDATE 14/04/2012: A more recent version of this song has been posted here. — After my recent recording session I’ve been inspired to get back into some songwriting, as it’s been a while! Simone R put up a draft of some lyrics she’s working on, and so I figured I’d steal think about her ‘brief’ of the incarnation as a starting point. I used the beginning of Philippians 2 as a basis: […]

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Scripture as Performance

I’m very pleased to have my first guest posts over at my blog A Borrowed Flame. Alastair Roberts has written a double-header exploring the idea of scripture as performance:  Before the invention of the steam-powered printing press, and also before Gutenberg and earlier book technologies, the Scriptures and engagement with them necessarily took a very different form. For the vast majority of Christians, the Scriptures […]

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