Top worship albums of 2014

Top worship albums of 2014

A lot of excellent new worship music came out this year, and here is my inexhaustive, subjective list, in no particular order of my favourite  (i.e. most listened to) worship albums. If you feel like buying them, please consider doing so via my Amazon store. Kings Kaleidoscope – Becoming Who We Are CityAlight – Yours Alone see my review Falls Church Anglican – We Will […]

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Links worth reading #4

I ended my Facebook fast just in time to cop the fallout of Aussie Prime Minster KRudd’s appearance on QandA. It’s worth reading David Ould’s response to the PM’s understanding of the central message of the New Testament. How would you answer the question, What is the fundamental principle of the New Testament? For Rudd it’s about how we treat one another which he reduces […]

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A creative project in our church // Ein kreatives Projekt in unser Gemeinde

It’s dangerous to suggest an idea in our church, because chances are someone will reply with “Super! Mach das!”. Several months back, on a music weekend in the Black Forest I suggested to our music area leader that, as we’ve got so much talent in our church, we should do something to encourage people to create new works and to work together. In short, that’s […]

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Some stream of consciousness on a Summer Sunday evening

I was standing during the service today, and it came into my head, “our church is in a really good season”. I’m very excited about the art project I’m helping organise at our church which will compliment a 4-part sermon series called ‘the season of the soul’. I’m excited about encouraging artists within our congregation, and celebrating the creativity God has blessed us with. I’m […]

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An ode to the fall

I hate that the fall means speaking the truth will sometimes hurt people I love.  I hate that the the fall means that I frequently trip over the line between speaking truth in love and speaking beyond truth in anger. I hate that the fall means that my pride can make me a hypocrite who is quick to speak and slow to listen. I hate […]

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All the world (draft #3) – feedback please!

My Acts / Pentecost song for our small group has gone through a big re-write, with a different tune in the verses, of which there are now three, and the bridge is gone. Here’s a rough (as in my piano playing) demo, on which Peta kindly improvised a little flute filler:   All the world: Draft #03 by therealfindo All the world V1 Let us […]

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Submitting to one another – church membership

I was probably put on the members roll of my childhood church after I was baptised, but the only other church I became a member was the one I went to during university. I’m speaking as a baptist though, as I understand that Anglicans hold a less official view of congregational membership, and I was probably considered a member of those Anglican churches I’ve been […]

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Breivik, Mohler and justice

I read a tweet the other day to the effect of: Anders Breivik demonstrates we live in a moral universe, therefore, construct a worldview which explains this data. It was a worthwhile point, as the whole thing does seem to show that there’s very few people who would try and argue that the wrongness of Breivik’s actions is not just their subjective opinion, or a […]

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He is exalted (demo) – mp3 + charts

There’s a subtle change in the title of this post since last time – namely, this song, based around  Philippians 2, has gone from draft to demo (or should that be beta?)! You gave me some great feedback when I posted the draft, and now, here’s a demo recording. It’s still a ‘rough’ demo; I recorded it at home, on my laptop, without proper monitors or know-how […]

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New Song: All the world (first draft – in progress)

Our small group has started a study through Acts, which semms like a good time to try and write a song about being an international group (an idea I’ve had since we moved to Germany). So here’s my first draft, which I’m going to road-test with the group tonight: All the world Verse 1: In every language of the earth, In every corner of the […]

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This changes everything

Here’s Keith Green Matt Papa again for Resurrection Sunday:   This song by Ben Cantelon is also good:

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It is finished

Hell was silenced when you cried ‘It is finished’ This is a great song by Matt Papa. Fair warning: the video uses footage from The Passion film, and is thus graphic; though when it cuts to images of people from all over the world, it gets me. Get the chord chart here. It is finished, that’s what makes it Good Friday.

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