Intro to the Bible (Study #5) – The promised land and God’s good purpose

The land of Palestine: Location Much of the bible is set in the land of Palestine – strip of land approx. 50 – 70km wide between the Arabian Desert and the Mediterranean Sea. It was a significant piece of land in the ancient world because of it’s location between the great civilisations to the north (in the region of the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers) The […]

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Intro to the Bible (Study #4) – Israel & God’s purposes

Continuing from last time. Israel & God’s purposes – (Genesis to Deuteronomy) God’s promise to Abraham (Genesis 12:1-3) Blessing: God’s purpose is calling Abraham / creating Israel is to be a blessing which will reach all people on earth. Blessing is the opposite of curse, thus: “… the call of Abraham is to be God’s way of reversing the curse under which mankind has fallen.” […]

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Intro to the Bible (Study #3) – From Creation to New Creation

The busy end of last season, along with a few other responsibilities (and a distinct lack of personal time management!) led me to defer these studies until the Autumn term. In coming back to my notes I realised I hadn’t actually posted the summary of study 3 yet, so here it is. “God’s commitment to his creation involves a plan of salvation designed eventually to […]

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Intro to the Bible (Study #2) – Interpreting the Bible

  For my notes on study 1 click here. Study 2: Interpreting the Bible Biblical interpretation is not a matter of ‘what we get from a passage’ but the process of seeking to understand what meaning and implications God intended us to take from the particular passage. Three basic questions of biblical interpretation (p24): What did the author of the text mean? How did the text […]

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Intro to the Bible (study #1) – The Book of Books

I’m going to steal borrow Nathan’s idea of blogging as a learning style, and blog the chapter summaries as I make my way through the PTC course I’m doing. Study 1: The Book of Books What is the Bible? 66 Books (39 OT / 27 NT) Variety of genres including: law, poetry, narrative, parables, ritual instruction, songs, sermons, prophecies, wisdom, letters, genealogies, apocalyptic 1600 years: […]

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