The inspiration for song ministry

Ron Man has a really helpful article over at TGC Worship:  7 Characteristics of the Ministry of Song which I recommend to you.   Ron takes a look at Ephesisans 5:18-20 and pulls out 7 foundational principles for congregational sung worship, but his observation about the first point, that our singing is to be “spirit-filled” caught my eye: With all the debates about the filling […]

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Good stuff from Bob Kauflin

This interview with Bob Kauflin might be short, but it’s a suckerpunch alright! Nothing is more important to communicate to people than the gospel of Jesus Christ. No song, arrangement, vocalist, riff, or technology will be more impressive than the Savior. People are starved for the glory of Christ, not the glory of our presentation. Another thing I’d impress on myself is the importance of […]

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Intro to the Bible (Study #5) – The promised land and God’s good purpose

The land of Palestine: Location Much of the bible is set in the land of Palestine – strip of land approx. 50 – 70km wide between the Arabian Desert and the Mediterranean Sea. It was a significant piece of land in the ancient world because of it’s location between the great civilisations to the north (in the region of the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers) The […]

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The fuel for response in worship

Zac Hicks nails it:  …singing about my feelings for God doesn’t actually have the power to engender feelings for God, even if it’s backed by the most mesmerizing key pad, the most worshipful electric guitar reverb swell, or the most fervent BGVs. If we look inward, we’ll never find the kind of power we need to look upward.  Singing, “I’m not ashamed of You” over and over again has […]

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Intro to the Bible (Study #4) – Israel & God’s purposes

Continuing from last time. Israel & God’s purposes – (Genesis to Deuteronomy) God’s promise to Abraham (Genesis 12:1-3) Blessing: God’s purpose is calling Abraham / creating Israel is to be a blessing which will reach all people on earth. Blessing is the opposite of curse, thus: “… the call of Abraham is to be God’s way of reversing the curse under which mankind has fallen.” […]

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Intro to the Bible (Study #3) – From Creation to New Creation

The busy end of last season, along with a few other responsibilities (and a distinct lack of personal time management!) led me to defer these studies until the Autumn term. In coming back to my notes I realised I hadn’t actually posted the summary of study 3 yet, so here it is. “God’s commitment to his creation involves a plan of salvation designed eventually to […]

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Links worth reading #4

I ended my Facebook fast just in time to cop the fallout of Aussie Prime Minster KRudd’s appearance on QandA. It’s worth reading David Ould’s response to the PM’s understanding of the central message of the New Testament. How would you answer the question, What is the fundamental principle of the New Testament? For Rudd it’s about how we treat one another which he reduces […]

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Leading in the morning

I’m jumping in to lead sung worship in the morning, and it will be the very first time I’ve led auf Deutsch! I’m a bit nervous, although I’m pretty sure that this was actually the very same historical context in which Romans 8:26 was written (j/k). We’re doing a mix of German and English songs, including a couple of English translated into German songs.. Here’s what […]

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Book Review: Insourcing by Randy Pope

Insourcing: bringing discipleship back to the local church By Randy Pope I found this book so helpful that I bought a copy and gave it to my friend to read. Most churches have small / cell / home group bible studies, but “Are we excelling in making mature and equipped followers of Christ?” This is the question behind Randy Pope’s book on discipleship. Pope begins by […]

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Do I speak too much about refugees?

A couple of people who I care about have recently said to me that I should stop posting so much about refugees and asylum seekers. As it happens, I haven’t actually blogged on the issue very much, but it is true that I’ve posted a fair bit on my Facebook wall of late. I’ve spent a good deal of time thinking through the criticism, and want […]

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NT Wright and the answer of the cross

Back when I lived in Toowoomba I happened to do an eschatology unit in a correspondence course, and reading Tom Wright on the physicality of the new creation was one of those really helpful ‘aha!’ moments in my own theological thinking. In fact, I’ve now lost count of the the number of times I’ve handed out the link to this interview in Time magazine. I […]

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The problem of where to put announcements

Doing some link surfing recently I read a piece talking about ‘problems’ in worship, which suggested that church notices and announcements should be moved to the start or finish so that they didn’t block the ‘flow’ of worship. I’m sure we’ve all been in discussion about where the announcements should go, for this very reason. I kind of get the idea, but I want to […]

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