Migrant service

Before I jumped on the flight to Australia, I helped lead a special migrant & refugee focused service at the Karlsruhe FeG last Sunday. My friend Vimal spoke on what the bible has to say about about God’s heart for the vulnerable and how he expects his people to treat them; about how he is able to understand what migrants go through, as Jesus was […]

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IW August 2013

 I’m a bit late getting the round-up from our August International Worship posted (I’ve really been in holiday  mode until now). It was another great evening, with our pastor, Sebastian Brenner, preaching from Mark 5:24-34. Have a listen here (in German with English translation):     We also heard about the recent opportunity to minister to some refugees from one of the most closed countries […]

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International Worship – Sunday Edition!

Last Sunday FeG Karlsruhe held its first ever International Sunday morning service. We (the International Worship team) joined forces with the Chinese congregation who meets in our building, and with Encuentro, the long-time Spanish community in our church. It was a great morning, even with the exhaustion of having to lead two services back-to-back. We heard some powerful testimonies, sang heartily about the risen Christ […]

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International Worship – June 2013

We had a really successful International Worship service on Saturday night. Vimal took us a little further through 1 Peter chapter 1, focusing on the call to be holy as God is holy (verses 13-21, which were read in English, Korean and Tamil), explaining how holiness is ‘inherited’ and ‘intentional’. Have a listen here. Here are the songs we sang: Oh, and the Telecaster went well, […]

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InternationalWorship ( 国際礼拝) April – songs & sermon

April is really getting away from me – Endproben will do that to you – and I nearly forgot this month’s post-IW post! We had a guest preacher on the 6th of April: Pastor Tanabe, who has been pastoring Japanese churches in Germany for about 20 years. Here’s Pastor Tanabe’s Sermon (it’s in Japanese and English). His wife did this kids song. Here are the […]

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Help me record gang vox over the net!

Look out, I just had an idea! I’ve almost finished a demo recording of ‘All the world‘ and I’d really like to get it done in time for Pentecost. What it needs is the vocals, which involves getting some native speakers in to sing the various translations of the bridge. My idea (literally just had minutes ago) is in addition to my international friends here […]

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Honoring vs Patronising other cultures in worship

I recently came across Proskuneo, a blog about multi-ethnic worship, and one the writers, Josh Davies writes helpfully about the difference between honouring and patronising: Question: What to you is the difference between valuing/honoring a culture and patronizing it? In a word, I would say relationship. If I were to choose one thread that is woven throughout all the classes I taught last week, it would be […]

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International Worship Februrary 2013 – Strangers in a hostile world

We had a great time on Saturday evening at the first International Worship service for 2013, with Pastor Vimal  giving an introduction to 1 Peter and explaining what it means to be an elect exile of the dispersion. Listen to / download the talk here.   Here are the songs we sang:

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