Pedal Builds #4 – assorted builds

Before I continue with my overdrive builds, we’ll take a short detour to some other pedals. I think I’m quite out of chronology now, anyway (edit: this post ended up going backwards!). I’ll start with a nice one, the Tap Tempo Tremolo which I built from this kit: I called it the Tune Shaker, which was a little play on ‘shaker tunes’. It has a […]

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Pedal Builds #3 – TS/Dist+/OCD The search for overdrive

Right… where was I? Ok, onto some effects. Somehow, in the process of reading about loopers I came across some overdrive kits, and after a bit of reading, decided to go with a classic Tube Screamer kit. I thought the box design I did was pretty good: Sadly, I realised pretty quickly that a TS is not really my thing. To be fair, at the […]

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