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A Borrowed Flame is a blog about Singing, Music, Arts, Culture, Theology, Faith, Worship, Books, and the sometimes collision of all of the above..

me leadingI’m an opera singer by trade, and like to take pictures, lead and write church songs and play with guitars and pedals and things. This is my personal blog, and while I sometimes write about my professional life, and the arts in general, over the last year or so the focus has tended to be on issues relating to worship music for the church. I help lead other musicians in my congregation, and so I hope that some of what I write here can be an encouragement.

For more on the original rationale behind this blog, and why it’s called ‘A Borrowed Flame’, have a read of the very first – intro – post: Who’s flame are we borrowing?.

6 responses to “About”

  1. Jenny says:

    Many thanks, Andrew, very helpful 🙂

  2. Emily Rose says:

    Hi Andrew, cool that you found my blog. Good luck with the international service! At least in Munich there is high demand for non-German worship.

  3. Hi Andrew, I found your blog while compiling a complaint to the UK Home Office regarding their use of the term ‘genuine refugees’ in a job description for an Asylum Caseworker! I just wanted to say thank you for speaking out on this issue – you must feel like you’re swimming against the tide in Australia too. Cheers, Lindesay

  4. S. de Vries says:

    Really like youre blog. I saw these old mugshot fotos on youre blog. Are they yours? I really like them and would make a piece of arts of them. Is the copyright of these pictures yours?

    Greetings from Holland

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