I’m still here.. let the partscasters begin!

It’s been rather quiet on the blog for the last few months. I feel like this year is just whizzing past. I’ve only got 4 performances left before the season ends! It’s also the case that I’ve rather lost my motivation for blogging of late. To be honest, I’m not sure it’s something I necessarily want to keep doing. In fact, I’m thinking of re-jigging the site over the summer to make the blog side a secondary aspect, and leave this as a space for “publishing” my songs.

However, in the meantime, I will start journaling a little project I’ve had simmering for the last few months, well, two projects, actually.

Back in February I was playing electric guitar at a conference, where I had my Telecaster and my Gretsch, two very different guitars, with different sounds.

20150402-_DSC3931I like them both, but am naturally drawn to the feel of the Tele for most styles of playing which I do, but I also really like the Filtertron sound from the Gretsch. So,  this led naturally to asking, “what if there were a guitar which combined these, a Tele with Gretch pickups?”. Well, there is. It’s called a La Cabronita. I kind of fell in love with it from this:


and this:

Of course, the DIY gene kicked in, and I decided I could build a ‘partscaster’.  I learnt a whole lot via my previous attempt at a partscaster (currently out on extended loan) – more specifically, I learnt a lot of what not to do!

Over the last few months I’ve been slowly accumulating some quality parts, and in a new series of posts, I’ll walk through the process.

Meanwhile, more recently, a friend asked me to swap out the stock  pickups on his Squier CV 60s Stratocaster to some ’54 Custom Shop pickups. To be honest, I’ve never really been taken by a strat, probably because I’ve only ever played really cheap knock-offs. The Squier is nice, and it made me wonder if I shouldn’t add one to my stable. I quite liked the stock pickups, and my friend graciously let me keep them. Thus, a second partscaster was borne. This too will be fleshed out in subsequent posts.

So, to follow: the tale of two partscasters!


What do you think?