#Worship album review: ‘Yours Alone’ by City Alight

#Worship album review: ‘Yours Alone’ by City Alight

Yours Alone by City Alight
July 2014

album-artworkHot on the heels of their Hills District neighbour’s new album (yep, that’s the ‘Hill’ in Hillsong) is the debut album from City Alight, St Paul’s Castle Hill. And it’s really, really good.

Musically, it sits squarely in the current contemporary worship “sound”, with some nice ambient post-rock pop and a helping of upbeat nu-grass; there’s clear influence from groups Hillsong, Rend Collective, the Gettys and even a few nods to old-school revivalesque hymnody (check out the folky-acoustic track Praise the Saviour).  The songs are all melodically driven – these are songs to be sung by congregations, and I love that the congregation can be heard in the recording. The arrangements support the vocal lines, with some often simple, but effective guitar and piano parts. There are mandolins and banjos, and lots of drums, and it all hangs together to create an enjoyable group of songs. A particular moment of musical fun was the nu-grass-meets-80’s-synths arrangement of Nothing but the blood of Jesus. 

While the album is musically strong, lyrically it hits it for six. The lyrics are biblical, fresh and well crafted. The songs are focused on the work of Christ, and many of the songs have a helpful eschatological trajectory (i.e. they look towards to the new heavens and new earth). The album as whole is also helpfully structured so that the listener \ singer-along is taken into the story of redemption; the climax is the atonement, and the result is a secure future.

There are a couple of really stand-out songs for me (get the chord charts & lyrics here):

Once for all:
Very singable,  great lyrics, melody and harmonic structure.

“Now we live forever free
Because of Christ, the offering
No fear in life, no sting in death
For our God has come for us and our God has paid the debt”

A wonderful Easter hymn which contrasts Jesus’ entry into Jerusalem with his triumph in the New Jerusalem.

“See Him in Jerusalem
Walking where the crowds are
Once these streets had sung to Him
Now they cry for murder
Such a frail and lonely Man
Holding up the heavy cross
See Him walking in Jerusalem
On the road to save us”
The love of the Father:
I like this catchy, up-beat nu-grass (Trinitarian!) call to worship. It’s harmonically simple, but just try an not sing along.
In summary: an album of rich, biblical, singable, memorable, melodic songs. This is already in the running to be my favourite congregational worship album from this year, and I think these songs will greatly bless many congregations.  Go get it.

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  1. Gary Ware says:

    I hadn’t heard of this.
    It’s very well produced.

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