Review: No Other Name, Hillsong Worship

Review: No Other Name, Hillsong Worship

No other nameHillsong Worship (June 2014)

I readily confess that I often judge albums by their cover, or at least, a good cover will often make me want to listen, and the cover of the new Hillsong album is pretty intriguing: Time Square lit up with the title of the new album (and it’s not photoshopped!)

I was keen to hear the new album, and have really been enjoying it, particularly the lyrical direction. (Zac Hicks goes into much more intelligent detail about this, so go read his post)

Who would have thought, back when we lived around the corner from one of the Hillsong campuses, that they would be putting out an album so gospel-centric, with retuned hymns and settings of creeds and prayers? It’s perhaps indicative that millenial Christians are  indeed interested in re-connecting with the historical practices of faith (in a reaction to the rather individualistic Gen-X trend). I love that they took John Dickson’s challenge on board to write a really catchy, singable setting of the creed:

Musically, the album doesn’t break new ground, but is solidly chock full of Hillsong’s classic layered, synthy, guitarsy, melody-driven arrangements. It’s a good sound, and doesn’t get in the way, but really helps support the lyrics to be sung. They’re the kind of songs which could be easily stripped down and sung with simple (average church) arrangements.

Lyrically, it’s really strong, with a focus on the person and work of Christ. I’d happily use pretty much all of the songs in my own context(again, who would have thought..), but my favourites (so far) are:


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