Dan Wilt on the spiritual discipline of hiddenness

Dan Wilt recently posted something which, frankly, I needed to read.

Numbers only mean what God wants them to mean. For someone, their one Alzheimer patient they care for is worth the 1000 that someone else is called to care for. And so it goes. When we cross the line, love and faithfulness is the only measure we’ll see in God’s eyes if we can stare long enough. No Google Analytics will come with us.

What do we really want? We really want to have that elusive weight of spiritual authority in what we do.

Authority is not just having a message, with a burning desire to speak it (or sing it). Authority is having the weight of character, experience, insight, input, and humility to bear that message to others. If we don’t have authority rising from character within, it’s like (as my friend Rich Nathan puts it) shooting a cannon out of a canoe.

We’ll sink ourselves with the next platform God knows we weren’t ready for. But we pushed for it, and couldn’t learn from the long season of hiddenness. So a lesson is waiting to happen – unless some faithful leaders and friends see it coming and check us before we hit that wall.

That is why Christian leaders – especially worship and creative leaders – must master, must practice, the spiritual art of hiddenness. Obscurity is your friend. It is time to build, to hone, and to practice true greatness when no one sees you or seems to care. But the next time you show up to the little thing, there will be a bit more heat on your life, that’s for sure. That’s how it works.

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