The heart of worship planning

The heart of worship planning

A few weeks ago Jamie Brown stirred up the evangelical worship leader blogsphere with this post. While there was quite a lot of pushback from some, there was also a lot of helpful dialogue about why we do what we do in our services. I think it was a good conversation to have, and Jamie raises some really important points.

In the week following, another thoughtful worship music blogger, David Santisteven mentioned the issues in his regular e-mail newsletter. He kindly gave me permission to post an excerpt, and what I think is the heart of the matter:

While we know worship isn’t about lights, music, and videos, we still need to strategically think about how and why we use these mediums in corporate worship.

When deciding which tools to use in corporate worship, we need to think like this: How will {insert worship form} help my people remember what God has done, trust God in their present circumstances, and look forward to the coming reign of Jesus?

That is basically the job description for those who are planning and leading worship services, isn’t it? But how easily we forget that in favour of doing things we think are trendy or will make us look good!


What do you think?