Music downloading poll

I just posted this straw poll on my BookFace page, and would appreciate your answers:

1) Do you regularly download free music (legally – e.g. noisetrade, bandcamp)?

2) Do you regularly buy music downloads?

3a) If not, why not?

3b) If yes, do you regularly download (free or paid) albums, singles or both?

4) If you also stream music (legally – e.g. Spotify) would you still be inclined to download music you like?

5) Are you more or less likely to download free music from indie or unknown artists?

Any other comments on what might you more likely to download and share (legally) free music?

(none of the above refers to illegally downloading or sharing music, because you shouldn’t be doing that).


One response to “Music downloading poll”

  1. ejangi says:

    1) Not regularly. But, I do download free stuff from artists I think I’ll enjoy.

    2) Yes. I’m not an official Apple shareholder. But, based on my iTunes purchase history, I should be.

    3b) Albums.

    4) Can’t comment. I have only used Pandora a handful of times to play music I otherwise wouldn’t purchase.

    5) More likely to download free stuff from indie/unknown artists. I’ll only buy if I really like the band and I can’t get their complete album for free.

What do you think?