A ramble… bring on the holidays!

A ramble… bring on the holidays!

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I suppose it’s obvious that I’m not a particularly disciplined blogger of late. There’s plenty of stuff I could write about, for example, I was planning on writing this week about the wonderful international service we had last sunday… but I just haven’t got it in my right now. All I’ve got is this bit of a ramble.

I can see the summer break on the horizon – a break from 6+ months straight of rehearsals (performances are fine, it’s a 6 week rehearsal period which will get you.. give me 4-5 new productions back-to-back and it becomes a little like treading water at times). I anticipate that the summer break will be also an intentional digital break, from where a recalibration can take place.

I’m still writing songs. It’s hard, and this month I’m struggling – not from time, but from the work of writing. Where I usually have a really solid idea or sketch by this stage of the month, I’m only now starting to coax out some potential idea. But this is the whole point of the project, to push on when it would “nothing to post post”.

I’m looking forward to carving out some space to think about what this blog might actually be, or become. Will it remain sporadic and somewhat eclectic – a haphazard occasional snapshot of my thought life? Will it sharpen its focus a lot more on music? And if so, which of my two main musical energies?

Anyhow, those questions can wait for another time. I’m off to take a nap before tonight’s Premiere.


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