#TwentyFourteenProject April: Your kingdom come

So, it’s time for April’s new #TwentyFourteenProject song..

Here’s a lyric video with some random footage a shot in Karlsruhe, and along the Necker around Heidelberg:

For those who get a bit motion sick, here’s just the audio:

Chord chart: Your kingdom come.

I’m happy with the result again this month; I feel like this project is paying off, in that I’m getting more disciplined about reworking and being aware of sections which don’t work so well. Forcing the song to sit for a week or so before declaring it ‘finished’ really helped, as I made a significant melodic change to the hook line of the chorus after such a ‘settling’ period. I also think I’m improving my recording and arranging.

What do you think? (i.e. where are my blind spots, / things to pay more attention to?)

What do you think?