Crowdfunding has really opened up the doors for church songwriters. Grassroots and local songwriters have access to the means of getting their work ‘out there’, and I personally a big fan (fund others as you would have them fund you!), and have already blogged about projects which I’ve supported in the past. In this post I want to highlight a couple of projects which are currently raising support, and IMO, well worth supporting.




For what basically amounts to ‘pre-ordering’ you can help make these projects a reality.

Some crowdfunding albums to support


I dress up, play make believe and warble for money. I also like to drink good coffee and think about things like culture, philosophy, faith. As a music steward, I lead congregational sung worship at a monthly international service at the FeG Karlsruhe. The worship songs I write can be found at See my professional biography and performance schedule at

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