New EP from Zac Hicks: ‘His be the victor’s name’

A little while back one of my favourite bloggers, Zac Hicks, and a team from his church, brought out a great EP of congregational worship songs. Zac was kind enough to send me a copy.

cover - HBTVN - smallThe EP has a couple of originals and a couple of hymn retunes. Serious points are won by the opening track which starts with a massive organ introduction using Bach’s ‘Wachet auf’ then launching into a fairly driving song ‘Wake up sleepers’.

‘Most merciful God’ is a beautiful addition to the fairly sparse genre of confession songs. The title track ‘His be the victor’s name‘ is a retune of a text by Samuel W. Gandy.

My favourite track is ‘One way love’ (which is the same title as a recent book from Zac’s pastor, Tullian Tchividjian).

Once bound beneath the weight of sin You bound me to Your grace
Now freely chosen in the Son I freely choose His ways

It’s a catchy, singable set of songs, which continually brings the listener  singer-along to Christ, who achieved our salvation once and for all.

More info & song sheets here

What do you think?