Some crowdfunding albums to support

Crowdfunding has really opened up the doors for church songwriters. Grassroots and local songwriters have access to the means of getting their work ‘out there’, and I personally a big fan (fund others as you would have them fund you!), and have already blogged about projects which I’ve supported in the past. In this post I want to highlight a couple of projects which are currently […]

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Farewell old friend – images from my Nikon D50

Last week I sold my trusty Nikon D50. I bought it when we lived in Sydney, and it was a real catalyst for my picture taking. I’ve taken it around the world a bit, and taken some wonderful images on it, including one which won a prize. So, as a way to mark the occassion, I’ve put together a Flickr album with some ‘highlights’ of […]

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New EP from Zac Hicks: ‘His be the victor’s name’

A little while back one of my favourite bloggers, Zac Hicks, and a team from his church, brought out a great EP of congregational worship songs. Zac was kind enough to send me a copy. The EP has a couple of originals and a couple of hymn retunes. Serious points are won by the opening track which starts with a massive organ introduction using Bach’s […]

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#TwentyFourteenProject April: Your kingdom come

So, it’s time for April’s new #TwentyFourteenProject song.. Here’s a lyric video with some random footage a shot in Karlsruhe, and along the Necker around Heidelberg: For those who get a bit motion sick, here’s just the audio: Chord chart: Your kingdom come. I’m happy with the result again this month; I feel like this project is paying off, in that I’m getting more disciplined about […]

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