‘We will proclaim’ from Falls Church Anglican

One of the things which stops me quitting Facebook (as I have the frequent urge to do) is the Liturgy Fellowship group. I won’t wax lyrical about the group, but suffice it to say that I’ve come across a whole bunch of great resources from the other members, including, some great music, such as the new album from Jamie Brown’s church*, Falls Anglican Church.

One of the main things I love about this album is that it brings back fond memories of our time at All Souls’ Langham Place. While I grew up in an informal-liturgy** church, and currently belong to an informal-liturgy church, I learnt to really appreciate the more formal liturgy of low-church Anglicanism.

To put the album in context, it’s a celebration of God’s faithfulness amidst a season of trial (the church lost its historic building after choosing to leave the denomination).

The sound is contemporary: guitars & drums, with strings, a very accessible sound, with strong vocals and the voice of the congregation an important presence. As much as I love the innovative, boundary-pushing stuff of bands like Kings Kaleidoscope, nothing beats the sound of a congregation lifting their voices.

It’s a great collection of songs (both originals and hymn retunes from Jamie and his team, and more widely known songs from writers like Chris Tomlin), interspersed with prayers, readings confessions and responses, which take the listeners through the gospel story.  I loved hearing the various (multi-kulti)accents in the call to worship Psalm mash-up. There’s a bunch of ‘favourite’ songs, but I really liked ‘Here I stand’, which takes Luther’s famous quote as a starting point, and the mash-up of ‘10000 Reasons – I exalt Thee’.

Get it here.


* Disclosure: Jamie gave me a complimentary copy of this album, with absolutely no strings attached.
** Every church has a liturgy, whether they realise it or not.


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