A new #twentyfourteenproject song from February

twentyfourteenOne of my aims this year is to develop a better discipline of songwriting, and so I aim to write a new song each month on this year.  I’m calling it the #twentyfourteenproject. (Here is January’s song, in case you missed it) I think I’ll use it as a creative stimulus for working on recording, arranging and video editing skillz too, and hopefully I’ll be able to continue creating a decent demo track and video to go along with it!

I came up with the piano motiv after International Worship at the start of February, just noodling about, and decided to try and write a response to Vimal’s sermon that evening from 2 Corinthians 4. The pre-chorus came pretty quickly, and the chorus settled fairly quickly also, but I took most of the month working on the verses. The benefit of doing this excercise is that it sets a helpful boundary – in some ways it forces to me to edit and rethink ideas instead of just thinking it’s done, but it also sets a deadline for this process. I tend to otherwise swing between not developing ideas (thinking they come out done) or not being able to stop fiddling and commit to something.

I decided to try doing another video, but this time cut and paste clips of me doing the multi-tracking. Instead of the basic Windows Movie Maker, I’ve starting using Lightworks, and I’ve really only scratched the surface of its capabilities. I ran out of time to figure out captioning for the lyrics, and there are still some sync issues which appeared after I exported the mixdown – I suspect it has to do with the framerate settings on my camera (Fuji X10). Peta did a great job filming the hand-held clips! My favourite bit is the playout…

Here’s just the audio, in case my out-of-sync ginger beard is off-putting:

Make me like You – Chord Chart


Verse 1:
Let Your light be seen within me
Show Your strength through my weakness
Fill this broken, earthen vessel
With Your life-giving Spirit

I am clay
You are the Artist
Make of me
A new creation

By Your grace I come to You
I offer up my life; Jesus make me new
I trust in Your all-sufficient power
To make me like You
Make me like You

Verse 2:
Every moment for your glory
Be my only desire
Burn away my worthless idols
With Your refining fire

(c) 2014 Andrew Finden

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