Free to be wrong

Zac Hicks wrote this about Worship Leader burnout, but I find it helpful for my day job (or should that be night job?) as a performer as well:

The Gospel declares that, when we hear criticism, whether it is true or not, we’re free to receive it because all the approval we need has been met in how God the Father sees us through the finished work of the Son. The Gospel places a gentle hand on our shoulder when we’re feverishly running on the performance treadmill, saying, “Jesus ran, so you don’t have to.” … The Gospel puts an end to our self-defeating comparisons with others, because we are in Christ, the only One who measures up. And the Gospel heals broken relationships, because all the guarded walls of defensiveness and “rightness” can come down due to the fact that in Christ we’re free to be wrong, free to be evaluated, free to apologize, and free to submit and trust.


One response to “Free to be wrong”

  1. ejangi says:

    Amen. It’s interesting how much “being wrong” affects people, and in different ways. Seems to be one of those things the Spirit is really highlighting for me recently.

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