Patreon – a viable means of supporting worship songwriters?

A month or so ago a friend told me about , a new model of artist funding based on the old idea of arts patronage. While Kickstarter campaigns are often used by indie bands to fund specific projects, the idea of Patreon is that backers pledge an amount to give for every new piece of work created. So, for example, one might support a […]

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Hey Riccy, you’re so fine…

This is why I haven’t been blogging this month:  

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Free to be wrong

Zac Hicks wrote this about Worship Leader burnout, but I find it helpful for my day job (or should that be night job?) as a performer as well: The Gospel declares that, when we hear criticism, whether it is true or not, we’re free to receive it because all the approval we need has been met in how God the Father sees us through the […]

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