The inspiration for song ministry

Ron Man has a really helpful article over at TGC Worship:  7 Characteristics of the Ministry of Song which I recommend to you.

7 characteristics of song ministry


Ron takes a look at Ephesisans 5:18-20 and pulls out 7 foundational principles for congregational sung worship, but his observation about the first point, that our singing is to be “spirit-filled” caught my eye:

With all the debates about the filling of the Spirit, it’s intriguing here that the first result of the filling of the Spirit mentioned by Paul is singing!

As an opera singer, the first step in the process of singing is inspiration – that is, to breath in. My singing teacher frequently reminded me to take the appropriate breath; if my breath was too shallow, the sound would be unsupported and weaker. In order to sing well, a deep, full, healthy breath is needed, and then that breath flowing out again freely is the basis for a healthy sound.

It is no wonder, then, that to sing worship properly, we need to be inspired by the Spirit of God, to be filled with the breath of God so that it flows out in praise.


What do you think?