New Song (Jan 2014): Still on the throne

At the end of last year, I hadn’t spent any time songwriting since we finished Jahreszeiten der Seele, and so one of my 2014 priorities is to re-engage in the discipline of songwriting (you’ve got write a lot of bad songs to get a couple of good ones!).

At the end of last year we had some sad news of a friend’s death, and then just after new year, news of the death of a colleague from my Guildhall days. Out of that place, a chord progression, and the tune of the verse emerged.

Chord chart: Still on the throne
(It’s in D but I like C shapes, so capo 2)

The demo is pretty rough around the edges ( ‘pitchy’ is the term kids use these days, isn’t it?) as I recorded/filmed it in one take, to a backing track which will eventually make up an MP3 version. There are some issues with out-of-sync which I’m assuming is due to the encoding on my Fuji x10. The audio is recorded in Reaper. But you get the idea.

It’s not necessarily intended as a congregational song, though the chorus is pretty singable.

Let me know what you think…

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