Good stuff from Bob Kauflin

This interview with Bob Kauflin might be short, but it’s a suckerpunch alright!

Nothing is more important to communicate to people than the gospel of Jesus Christ. No song, arrangement, vocalist, riff, or technology will be more impressive than the Savior. People are starved for the glory of Christ, not the glory of our presentation. Another thing I’d impress on myself is the importance of knowing God’s Word and trusting it to change people’s lives. I think I tended to trust my illustrations or persuasiveness more than God’s Word. I’d also tell myself to view leading songs as a pastoral function before you see it as a musical one. Finally, I’d highlight the importance of listening. Do more listening than you do talking or singing. Listen to the feedback others give you. In fact, seek it out. Listen to the other musicians that you play with.

And I agree with Olly Knight’s comment, that Bob’s book, Worship Matters,  is a must-read resource for those involved in congregational worship ministry (I’d love a German translation to pass on to friends!).





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