Intro to the Bible (Study #5) – The promised land and God’s good purpose

The land of Palestine: Location Much of the bible is set in the land of Palestine – strip of land approx. 50 – 70km wide between the Arabian Desert and the Mediterranean Sea. It was a significant piece of land in the ancient world because of it’s location between the great civilisations to the north (in the region of the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers) The […]

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The fuel for response in worship

Zac Hicks nails it:  …singing about my feelings for God doesn’t actually have the power to engender feelings for God, even if it’s backed by the most mesmerizing key pad, the most worshipful electric guitar reverb swell, or the most fervent BGVs. If we look inward, we’ll never find the kind of power we need to look upward.  Singing, “I’m not ashamed of You” over and over again has […]

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Pedal Builds #4 – assorted builds

Before I continue with my overdrive builds, we’ll take a short detour to some other pedals. I think I’m quite out of chronology now, anyway (edit: this post ended up going backwards!). I’ll start with a nice one, the Tap Tempo Tremolo which I built from this kit: I called it the Tune Shaker, which was a little play on ‘shaker tunes’. It has a […]

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Kunstlicht 2013

What a night it was on Saturday past! I’m so proud of everyone who took part in this arts project. It went even better than I had hoped, and I can tell that this will be the start of something special in the creativity of our congregation. I’ll post some videos and audio when they’ve all been edited, but for now, here’s some photos (thanks […]

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Pedal Builds #3 – TS/Dist+/OCD The search for overdrive

Right… where was I? Ok, onto some effects. Somehow, in the process of reading about loopers I came across some overdrive kits, and after a bit of reading, decided to go with a classic Tube Screamer kit. I thought the box design I did was pretty good: Sadly, I realised pretty quickly that a TS is not really my thing. To be fair, at the […]

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Intro to the Bible (Study #4) – Israel & God’s purposes

Continuing from last time. Israel & God’s purposes – (Genesis to Deuteronomy) God’s promise to Abraham (Genesis 12:1-3) Blessing: God’s purpose is calling Abraham / creating Israel is to be a blessing which will reach all people on earth. Blessing is the opposite of curse, thus: “… the call of Abraham is to be God’s way of reversing the curse under which mankind has fallen.” […]

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