Playtime (Figaro & Grimes)


It’s been a pretty crazy start to the 13/14 season, with two revivals of two of the great masterworks of the operatic canon in just two weeks!

Maestro Moore

It’s always a great pleasure, and whole lot of fun, to sing the Count in Figaro, but especially so with my friend and colleague Steven Moore in the pit this time. We’ve actually done Figaro together before, in 2001 at the USQ in Toowoomba, in English, where I sang Dr Bartolo and Steven played continuo for the recits!

Photo by Donald Hildred

Grimes is also an amazing, and rewarding piece, but kind of crazy to have only a week to rehearse it when it is brand new for me, and half the cast. You learn more than repertoire in repertoire houses, that’s for sure!


Here’s the video promo:

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