Pedal builds #2 – true bypass looper

True Blue Bypass

My memory of the chronology is little hazy, but this was definitely early on. I may have made another Little Red Button (this time with an LED indicator) and sold it on eBay around this time too, though.

Basically, this pedal uses a 3PDT switch to send the signal either to the output, or to the loop. They can be used in conjunction with other pedals which may not be true bypass (if you think that’s a problem..) or for putting a group of pedals into a loop.  I use it all the time, particularly for testing out circuits before they’re boxed up.

I did build a mini version of this, but I sold it on eBay, and only last week, realised that  a mini one would be really useful on the pedalboard I’m putting together, so re-purposed some bits from another pedal I never use  (which I’ll get to later in this series) and built another mini one (this time with a bit of yellow fleck):

Mini True Blue

Because I’m put together a board which is ‘economic’ in size, and I don’t always want a hulking great volume pedal on there, I’ve got this fella in the order where I’d put the volume pedal, so I can easily put it (or anything else I feel like) in the loop.

it’s a pretty straightforward build; wiring some jacks, a switch a single resistor and LED, though it’s a bit of a tight squeeze in the mini version. I usually measure all the parts and then do a mockup in photoshop to see exactly where each bit will fit, and use those measurements to drill the box. Oh, and do drill the box before you paint it (I use Molotow cans – cheap, quick drying, non-drip and easy to get even coverage)

The circuit can easily be repeated so that you could create a box with several loops, and if I had a big board with pedals in hard to reach places, I’d consider building a multi-looper so that the switches were effectively all in one reachable place… but I don’t, so I won’t (though if you do have a big board, and would like one…. leave me a comment and we can talk about it).

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