Mid-holiday rambling

Well… I haven’t really blogged much during my summer break. Maybe it’s because I’ve been doing lots of other things*, and still have a long to-do list. Or maybe it’s because taking a break from Facebook and Twitter has meant taking a break from narcissism and that is what most of my blogging is. A little from column A and little from column B, I suspect.

But I have an idea to stimulate the blogging juices. If you’ve been observing my Instagram feed (there’s that narcissism again..) you’ll see that I’ve been indulging in a little guitar pedal building. I realised that I’ve actually built quite a handful of pedals over the last 12 months or so, and in preparation to selling off a couple that I don’t really use, I’m going to collate pictures and write a little about the pedals. Perhaps I can remember how I managed to even get into pedal building to start with…

First up will be the Little Red Button.



*E.g. we rode our bicycles to France and back, and took a day trip to the Bodensee. Peta had a birthday. Also, I’m recording an EP of worship songs with some friends, and co-writing a song for our church, using some text the Pastor wrote, auf Deutsch. No wonder I haven’t been blogging! Did I mention all the pedals I built?

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