International Worship – Sunday Edition!

FeG_International_Juli-2013_001Last Sunday FeG Karlsruhe held its first ever International Sunday morning service. We (the International Worship team) joined forces with the Chinese congregation who meets in our building, and with Encuentro, the long-time Spanish community in our church. It was a great morning, even with the exhaustion of having to lead two services back-to-back. We heard some powerful testimonies, sang heartily about the risen Christ – in a bunch of different languages – and heard a great message from the Chinese pastor (in English) about the way God used a multi-cultural team in Antioch to have a great gospel impact for His kingdom. Listen to Pastor Yeung’s sermon here.

FeG_International_Juli-2013_012The service was conducted in English and German, with audio translation into Spanish, Tamil and Korean, and we incorporated Tamil, Farsi, Russian and Chinese into the prayers and bible readings (these can be more easily translated on the projector screen). I chose songs which I knew would be well known by the German congregation, even in English, but we sang some translations, such as in the ‘world edition’ of How great is our God: we started with the Indian-style vocalese as in the world edition video, and then sang in French, German, Spanish and ended (rather powerfully I think) with a singer from the Chinese congregation singing the chorus. We also did a verse and chorus of Shine, Jesus shine in German. The people sang it out, so I feel vindicate about my defence of that song!

There was one song which we had to include, namely, All the world, which the German congregation picked up really quickly. We sang the bridge twice in both English and German and then once in French, Japanese, Spanish and Indonesian. Apart from a student in our group, there is only one other Indonesian in the church (the family who helped us write the translation moved away), an elderly lady who has been a part of the German congregation for a while. It seemed like a nice gesture to her years of faithfulness to just include these three sentences in her language, and I am so glad to hear that she really appreciated it. Don’t underestimate the power a few simple words in someone’s language has to make them feel welcome and included. Here are the songs:


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