Some stream of consciousness on a Summer Sunday evening

I was standing during the service today, and it came into my head, “our church is in a really good season”.

I’m very excited about the art project I’m helping organise at our church which will compliment a 4-part sermon series called ‘the season of the soul’. I’m excited about encouraging artists within our congregation, and celebrating the creativity God has blessed us with. I’m very interested to see if we’ll get some songs which help people sing through the ‘winter’ seasons.

We often lament the lack of lament in our corporate worship songbook, but we can’t necessarily just ‘turn on’ and write songs like that unless we’ve first made space to allow people to lament. If worship music is a culture of all happy-shiny songs, then it’s possible that we don’t feel ‘allowed’ to write songs in those seasons when all is not shiny.

I’m not sure if that makes much sense.. it’s been a really productive weekend – I finished a song, have a good first idea for a chorus for another, and I’ve worked on some arrangements of two others! I also spent some great time with friends, eating curry, this afternoon. I’m tired in the best of ways, but that doesn’t necessarily make for coherence. Stream of consciousness will have to do; I dare not go back and re-read this!

Let me just finish by sharing another of my dodgy demos, this time a song I recently wrote with my friend Vimal, based on some lyrics he wrote a few years back, about find our refuge in God. We’re going to sing at a Refugee service at the end of this month. I hope you like it:

What do you think?