Links worth reading #2

Fighting the Tyranny of Ministry Success – Desiring God.

Embrace the people that he’s put in front of you. Don’t envy someone else’s sheep. Care for yours.

The Three Worst Qualities of the Gospel-Centered Movement.

The gospel-centered movement has the potential to turn us into legalists about the gospel.

Artists, Ministry, And The Tension Between Christian & Secular Art – David Santistevan

But what we see in the Bible isn’t a distinction between Christian and secular art. What we see is both – but all created for the glory and praise of God. We have freedom to create because our God is the creator of the arts. He values beauty.

Rather than limiting our artists to create “Christian” art, we should teach them how God redeems the whole man. He is the Lord of the sacred and the secular.

We need to teach our artists that it’s OK to create beauty, even if it doesn’t have an intrinsic, “Christian” message attached to it. It’s more about being surrendered to Christ, creating for His glory – that when we observe beauty in the arts, we can appreciate and enjoy the glory of God through it.

Why Some Worship Songs Need Not Explicitly State The Gospel – Bobby Gilles

we shouldn’t be more gospel-centered than the Bible is. The Bible includes all kinds of topics, and our services and songs should address the full range of human experience.

How to be weird Christian without being a weird Christian – The Blazing Center

We must always be careful to distinguish between our preferences and the gospel. … When an unbeliever comes into my church I know they will stumble over Jesus and the message of the gospel. I don’t want to add any additional stumbling blocks.


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