InternationalWorship ( 国際礼拝) April – songs & sermon

April is really getting away from me – Endproben will do that to you – and I nearly forgot this month’s post-IW post!

We had a guest preacher on the 6th of April: Pastor Tanabe, who has been pastoring Japanese churches in Germany for about 20 years.

Here’s Pastor Tanabe’s Sermon (it’s in Japanese and English).
His wife did this kids song.

Here are the songs we sang:

We skipped the 2nd verse of How great Thou art and put a new verse – I’d post the music, but it’s still in copyright – in between the 3rd and final verses (with French translation for good measure):


When I recall of how the tomb was opened,

Et quand je pense à quand la tombe s’ouvrit

As Jesus rose and sent death to the grave,

Jésus vivant et la mort enterrée 

My hope is stirred as I hear what is spoken:

Je me réjouis écoutant ce qui est dit: 

He is alive, so do not be afraid!“

Il est vivant, ne soit point effrayé(e)!“

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  1. Findo says:

    BTW, we didn’t do the ‘world edition’ of How great is our God, but I would LOVE to be able to pull it off!

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