Guitar build – which pickups?

I had a set of ebay no-name zebra humbuckers for my guitar-in-progress, but in an attempt to replace the connector wire, I basically rendered one useless (on the plus side, I learnt how the insides of humbuckers work, and in particular how fine the bobbin wire is!).

So.. I’m thinking about pickups again, an in particular getting a slightly more decent set* (Wilkinson / Artec / GFS / Dragonfire – thoughts anyone?). But the big question is, should I stick with my idea of zebra pups, or go with a chrome cover, or even a nice retro toaster look? To aid this decision, here’s a photochop mock-up I created (top: toaster, middle: chrome. bottom: zebra).

OptionsWhich do you think?


* If the body shines up well after wet sanding and polish – as the headstock did –  I reckon it’s worth putting something half-decent in. 

One response to “Guitar build – which pickups?”

  1. I don’t really like the look of the Zebra’s (so lucky you broke them :P). Hard to choose between the others.

What do you think?