Guitar build – part 1

Over the last few months I’ve been gathering bits and pieces (mostly on eBay) for a guitar.


Firstly I picked up a Les Paul Special II body and then a neck to match, plus some zebra humbucker pick-ups. The body was black and somewhat scratched (I forgot to take a ‘before’ shot), so I decided to respray it. After seeing the PRS Starla which Jack from The Digital Age I opted for a retro sea-foam green with cream accessories.
Jack's StarlaThe neck I picked up seems to be new, and was unfinished, but the headstock was just slightly asymmetric (though unintentionally!), so I decided to make it properly asymmetrical, and give it the usual LP black face:

The next step is the fine wet-sanding and polish to get a shinier finish, and then bolt the neck on, solder the electrics and install them.

2 responses to “Guitar build – part 1”

  1. noice.

    How’d you paint the body?

    • Findo says:

      Just using some cheap Molotow cans designed for graffiti street art – they dry very quickly – a couple of coats of colour and then a bunch of coats of clear gloss. I have to wet sand it back and then I’ve got some ‘restore’ polish and wax designed for guitars..

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