Essential Reading?

Essential reading

I’ve been asked to write a list of some English books which might be appropriate for the book stall at our church. They wouldn’t just be for ex-pats, but a lot of ESL-ers, and German-speakers who want to read in English.

So far I’ve thought of things like:

  • How to read the bible for all it’s worth (Fee & Stuart)
  • The Reason for God (Keller)
  • Desiring God / Don’t waste your life (Piper)
  • Know and tell the gospel (Chapman)
  • Let the nations be glad (Piper)
  • Worship Matters (Kauflin)
  • The Cross of Christ (Stott)
  • Some C.S. Lewis.. Bonhoeffer.. Schaeffer.. ?

You can already see my bias there… which is why I need your suggestions! Some more Apologetics? Biographies?

Which ‘classic’ books from evangelical writers would form your essential reading list?


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4 responses to “Essential Reading?”

  1. I thought Desiring God was a pretty hard book to read, but maybe that’s because I read it in undergrad. It certainly isn’t Reformed, but John Piper said Chesterton’s “Orthodoxy” is the only book besides the Bible that he has read more than once. High praise.

    • Findo says:

      They don’t have to be ‘Reformed’ (though that’s my bias, of course..) I wonder if Piper’s ‘Don’t waste your life’ is an easier distillation of DG?

  2. I would consider including a book designed to get people into more intensive Bible study. I am a huge fan of Peter Leithart’s A House For My Name on that front.

  3. What about Goldsworthy’s ‘According to Plan’ (or is Gospel and Kingdom the easier to read one, I always forget). Though I’ve heard good thing about ‘God’s Big Picture’ by Vaughan Roberts.

    And what about a basic systematic theology? Like JI Packer’s ‘Concise Theology’ or there’s a new one by Michael Horton, something like ‘Pilgrim Theology’.

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