Be on my recording!

 I wrote a little while back about a crazy idea to have people from around the world record tracks for the song All the world. Anyone who can sing in tune and has access to some means of recording themselves to a playback track is welcome to take part. Here is all you need to be involved: If you’ve already got a DAW or audio software like […]

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Essential Reading?

I’ve been asked to write a list of some English books which might be appropriate for the book stall at our church. They wouldn’t just be for ex-pats, but a lot of ESL-ers, and German-speakers who want to read in English. So far I’ve thought of things like: How to read the bible for all it’s worth (Fee & Stuart) The Reason for God (Keller) […]

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Christ in Auschwitz

After the enthusiastic and successful Premiere of Ludger Vollmer’s refugee teen-opera Border on Wednesday, it was straight into staging rehearsals for my next piece, Mieczysław Weinberg’s Die Passagieren (The Passenger); from refugees to concentration camps! Weinberg was a Jewish-Polish composer who had fled to Russia in 1939. Although the opera was written in 1968, it was banned by the Soviet Union, and it didn’t receive it’s first staging […]

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InternationalWorship ( 国際礼拝) April – songs & sermon

April is really getting away from me – Endproben will do that to you – and I nearly forgot this month’s post-IW post! We had a guest preacher on the 6th of April: Pastor Tanabe, who has been pastoring Japanese churches in Germany for about 20 years. Here’s Pastor Tanabe’s Sermon (it’s in Japanese and English). His wife did this kids song. Here are the […]

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Guitar build – which pickups?

I had a set of ebay no-name zebra humbuckers for my guitar-in-progress, but in an attempt to replace the connector wire, I basically rendered one useless (on the plus side, I learnt how the insides of humbuckers work, and in particular how fine the bobbin wire is!). So.. I’m thinking about pickups again, an in particular getting a slightly more decent set* (Wilkinson / Artec […]

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Intro to the Bible (study #1) – The Book of Books

I’m going to steal borrow Nathan’s idea of blogging as a learning style, and blog the chapter summaries as I make my way through the PTC course I’m doing. Study 1: The Book of Books What is the Bible? 66 Books (39 OT / 27 NT) Variety of genres including: law, poetry, narrative, parables, ritual instruction, songs, sermons, prophecies, wisdom, letters, genealogies, apocalyptic 1600 years: […]

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Singing the composers’ names in their own style

This is just brilliant. Save yourself three years of music history classes and watch this (or perhaps you need three years of music history classes in order to get the jokes?) I think my favourite part is when they get to Stockhausen. Via 22 Words (and the Bel Canto FB page)

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Guitar build – part 1

Over the last few months I’ve been gathering bits and pieces (mostly on eBay) for a guitar. Firstly I picked up a Les Paul Special II body and then a neck to match, plus some zebra humbucker pick-ups. The body was black and somewhat scratched (I forgot to take a ‘before’ shot), so I decided to respray it. After seeing the PRS Starla which Jack from […]

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Rejecting cool

One of the great misconceptions in the modern Church is the adoption of the idea that programmatic relevance will supernaturally draw people to God, initiate transformation and unify believers. Read the whole thing: REJECTING COOL: THE RADICAL ACT OF INCLUDING THE “UNCOOL” IN WORSHIP  

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Lyric video for ‘Promises were made’

Here’s a lyric / chords video I’ve made (my first attempt at one of these things)  for ‘Promises were made (You are faithful)‘: Don’t forget, you can download the lead sheet & chord chart, and the MP3, to use yourself, or give to your music team.

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Jeremiah buries his undies

I know it’s April Fool’s Day, but this morning, my gradual progression through Jeremiah led me to the story of God telling Jeremiah to go and buy some underpants and then bury them for a while. It’s a pretty bizarre story, but certainly one which gets the reader’s attention, especially after all the accounts of Israel’s rebellion. I wonder if this account made it into […]

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