Help me record gang vox over the net!

Look out, I just had an idea!

I’ve almost finished a demo recording of ‘All the world‘ and I’d really like to get it done in time for Pentecost. What it needs is the vocals, which involves getting some native speakers in to sing the various translations of the bridge.


My idea (literally just had minutes ago) is in addition to my international friends here in KA, to somehow get friends from all over the world to record themselves singing the bridge and maybe a chorus (no need to be a pro or have studio sound – this is lo-fi!), preferably in their native language, send the recording to me via dropbox, which I can then mix together to create a choir. I’m not sure how to actually facillitate it yet, but it could be fun.

What do you think?

Do you want to help me out and be involved?

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What do you think?