30 days of amusing search terms


Ok, here are some of the best (read: amusing / bizarre) search terms people used to find the blog in the last 30 days (with a little groan-worthy commentary from me):

what produces a flame sermon

I think there’s some tips from Peter in the book of Acts.

jesus preaching cartoons

I think he preferred to use flannel-board presentations

studeez important bits

yes, I doez

i love cheeseburgers meme

I think this was the same person as the previous one.

john wesley’s bow tie

I’m not sure they were invented yet, but would love to see an instagram of it

predestination cricket analogy

I will ask my Sri-Lankan pastor about it, he’s bound to have one. I suspect it won’t favour the Aussies though.

ant the philosopher flame

“Stay away from the glowing heat young insects”

is nihilism bad

um… I got nothin’

2 responses to “30 days of amusing search terms”

  1. Candy says:

    Too funny! Love your “groan-worthy” commentary too.

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