A prayer for gospel worship

A wise prayer from Scotty Smith this morning: In a day when we seem to need more gadgets and gimmicks to create “worship experiences ” free us from needing anything more than the gospel to worship you the way you deserve and delight to be worshipped. Amen.

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Ya snooze, ya lose

I’m a snooze junky.. via Zac Nielsen

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A new verse for How Great Thou Art?

How great thou art is one of my favourite hymns*. It’s a great one to belt out, and it’s drenched in the gospel, but it occurred to me that it’s really missing a verse – we jump from the cross to the second coming – I reckon it could do with a verse about the resurrection. I’d like to use this hymn in a service […]

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30 days of amusing search terms

Ok, here are some of the best (read: amusing / bizarre) search terms people used to find the blog in the last 30 days (with a little groan-worthy commentary from me): what produces a flame sermon I think there’s some tips from Peter in the book of Acts. jesus preaching cartoons I think he preferred to use flannel-board presentations studeez important bits yes, I doez […]

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How to sync an OpenSong database between computers

Our small group has been using Opensong to help with our singing time – lyrics displayed on a laptop screen or a connected TV – and I thought I’d just share the really quick and easy method of making sure the song database is synced between the various leaders who pick the songs. OpenSong is a free, open-source software application created to manage lyrics, chords, […]

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Saturday Survey – 09/03/2013

Which piece of music has been stuck in your head (an ‘Ohrwurm’ as they say here) this week? What was the most interesting news story you read this week? Do you prefer short sleeves or long? If you were invited to give a TED talk, what would you talk about? Bonus points: share your best piece of creativity this week.

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Help me record gang vox over the net!

Look out, I just had an idea! I’ve almost finished a demo recording of ‘All the world‘ and I’d really like to get it done in time for Pentecost. What it needs is the vocals, which involves getting some native speakers in to sing the various translations of the bridge. My idea (literally just had minutes ago) is in addition to my international friends here […]

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We’re in!

I just received an exciting email from our Pastor letting us know that at the members’ meeting last night, we were (‘gladly’ and ‘unanimously’) voted into membership of the FeG Karlsruhe. The mission of FeG (Free Evangelical Congregation) Karlsruhe is (my translation): Commissioned in the power, and for the glory of God, we want people alienated from God to know Jesus Christ,  and as a […]

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Promises were made (you are faithful)

I was asked for a copy of this song, after I sang it at TLM on the weekend, so I re-recorded the vocal track (so it was better, as well as having changed a word or two). I’m going to stop messing with this now. The demo is pretty decent* (given that I did it all myself, with one mic). The photo, btw, is this […]

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TLM: a worship weekend in Altensteig

Well… it was a really great weekend in Altensteig, in the still snow-laden Black Forest. Spring sprung on Sunday before we headed home, with a beautiful clear blue sky. The weekend was a meeting of about 100 people from all over Germany, involved in various aspects of congregational music, and it was good to get to know some folks from around the place. There were […]

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Saturday Survey – 2/3/13

What is at the top of your to-read list at the moment? Do you play a musical instrument? If so, which? Favourite flavour of ice-cream? What do you want to be when you grow up? Bonus points: share / describe your best bit of creativity this week…  

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Treffen der Lobpreisemitarbeiter im Schwarzwald

I’m heading into the Black Forest this weekend, with some of the other music stewards from our church, for Treffen der Lobpreisemitarbeiter (meeting of worship workers) held by WorshipAcademy.de. I’m not totally sure what to expect, but I’m excited, and looking forward to meeting people from other parts of Germany who are also involved in church music, as well as getting to know the others from my church a […]

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