James G Deck: Praise to Jesus

wpid-IMAG0922-1.jpgHere’s another hymn (most of it, anyway) from Mr Deck:

Jesus, our life, is risen  –
Jesus, who died to save:
Burst are thy gates, O prison!
Thy vict’ry spoiled, O grave!
He who in grace descended,
Constrained by love to die,
Triumphant has ascended
To God’s right hand on high.

He, for the joy before Him,
Endured the cross and shame,
Therefore our souls adore Him,
And magnify His name:
Jesus, O name all glorious!
He bore it on the tree;
Jesus, O name victorious!
He bears it still for me.

Jesus, sinner’s Saviour,
Jesus the saved one’s friend,
Jesus whose mighty favour
Shall keep us to the end:
Jesus, High Priest in heaven,
He bears us on His heart;
By God to Jesus given –
Who us from Him shall part?

We hear the Bridegroom telling,
“Behold, I quickly come!”
O joy! all thought excelling,
He’ll take us to His home!
To see His face all-glorious,
To hear His long-loved voice:
By Him oer all victorious,
Oh how should we rejoice!

All praise to Thee, our Saviour!
We glory in Thy name;
Our boast is in Thy favour,
Our songs Thy worth proclaim:
E’en in this vale of sorrow,
We’ll sing, as on we roam;
But, oh, the glad tomorrow!
We’ll be with Thee at home!

I reckon I’m going to be much more liberal with my exclamation marks next week.

What do you think?