Honoring vs Patronising other cultures in worship

I recently came across Proskuneo, a blog about multi-ethnic worship, and one the writers, Josh Davies writes helpfully about the difference between honouring and patronising:

Question: What to you is the difference between valuing/honoring a culture and patronizing it? In a word, I would say relationship. If I were to choose one thread that is woven throughout all the classes I taught last week, it would be this:  “Worship leaders, we must be connected to our people.” We can’t be disconnected from the people on our team or from the people in our congregations because it’s through relationships that passport is built and trust is established. And so, when I call my Korean brother up on the stage to lead in prayer, he knows my heart. He knows we’ve prayed before, just him and me, where he’s prayed in Korean and I’ve prayed over him in English. And so, that relationship is already there and so it doesn’t feel odd or that he’s being exploited. It’s just an extension of our relationship, then, with the rest of the congregation. I think I can’t highlight that enough… relationships are important.


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  1. Josh Davis says:

    I am glad you enjoyed the blog. We are passionate about seeing God’s people worship together cross-culturally…on earth as it is in heaven. How did you find us?

    • Findo says:

      Hey Josh, thanks for popping over! I just love that image from Revelation 5 of the nations gathered.
      I think someone posted a link to your blog (or the FB group) on the Liturgy Fellowship FB group. Glad to have connected with you.

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