#7in7 Day 2 – How long

Day 2

I decided to try something a bit different with today’s song. Using a piano riff I came up with (possibly stole.. I can’t even tell anymore!) I used Psalm 13 as inspiration for something kind of minimalistic (read: repetitive), which expresses that feeling I think we all have of wondering if God really hears our cries. As my evening rehearsal was cancelled, I had more time to put together a half-decent arrangement. Let me know what you think:

How long, O Lord
’til you hear us?
How long, O Lord
’til you heal us?

We will trust in your steadfast love
We rejoice in your salvation


(c) 2013 Andrew Finden

3 responses to “#7in7 Day 2 – How long”

  1. I like this song.

    I wouldn’t sing it at church (you know my predilections), but I’d listen to it, and sing along.

    • Findo says:

      Thanks Dan, yeah.. I wasn’t thinking congregationally with this one. It was good to just try something a bit different.. I probably wouldn’t use this one at Church either.

  2. HInsti Nomiwa says:

    Beautiful song. I think the music really depicts the state of mind that the lyrics describe. BTW I don’t understand why not singing it at church. Brian Doerksen also has a Psalm 13 song we sang at church. ( OK, it was during the worship night but still!! )

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