Things that make great drummers and guitarists

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Stephen Miller has posted two helpful lists of things that make for good drummers and guitarists for congregational, church ‘worship’ bands. They’re worth reading if you play either of those instruments or lead people who do:

6 things that make a great drummer

7 things that make a great guitarist

Something you’ll see in both of those is:

 Less is more 99% of the time.

This is so true, and something I have to keep reminding myself. It’s so tempting to play everything all the time (because when we play at home, it’s usually just us – we need to play differently when we’re with a group), and when everyone in the band is doing this, the sound becomes overly thick muddy. As Paul Baloche says a lot, we need to serve the song; I’d add that we serve the song because we’re serving the congregation and ultimately, serving Jesus, and this means playing in a way which helps people sing truths about Him.  Let’s take a risk, and play less, and make what we do play count towards this servant goal.

I hope Stephen keeps up the series!


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