Saturday Survey – 26/01/2013

Saturday Survey – 26/01/2013


I know, I know… I’m reeeeeally rubbish at regular things, but I’ll try. I’m going to be completely unoriginal and borrow steal the quiz format some other bloggers use..

  1. Did you make a New Year’s resolution  If so, how has it gone in the last three weeks?
  2. What was the best new album you heard in 2012?
  3. If you could be invisible for a day, what would you do?
  4. What is your favourite ‘Aussie’ food?

And for bonus points, post a link to / describe your best piece of creativity from this week (this can be anything from photos, music, writing.. be creative!)

5 responses to “Saturday Survey – 26/01/2013”

  1. 1.KInd of…I decided I was going to eat healthier this’s going well 🙂
    2.Pink the truth about love pranks on people and listen in on private conversations…maybe go to my hubby’s ex’s house and see how she is treating his child.

    hmm havnt done much creative stuff this week sorry

  2. Scylla Vex says:

    1. I certainly did make a New Years resolution, to get back onto my Fitness Programm after 2 Weeks of Christmas and stuffing myself! I have been going to the Gym a lot since…but my eating is also rather exotic at the moment. I shall get back on track eventually….

    2. Nile – At the Gates of Sethu

    3.This is really a dodgy question. Im pretty sure what I would do would be morally wrong in most peoples eyes….but HEY…you cant see me SO WHAT!!! But can you really deny that you wouldnt.-…afterall we can’t see you…..!

    4. Well Im not a Aussie…so i can’t say but I think you and Peta should cook me some! Fair! 😀

    5. I have made lots of recyled Art this week as always but have no idea how to post a link from a Photo on this Blog…..Im a bit sloooow with this tech stuff…..

    [IMG][/IMG]…..or it migh work…..afteralll…….MAGIC

  3. 1.) No resolution.
    2.) Albums? That’s so 90’s.
    3.) Sleep … maybe in strange places.
    4.) Vegemite. You can always trust vegemite.

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